Our Fishing Future Inc. is an incorporated society whose purpose is to promote responsible management of New Zealand’s recreational fisheries.

We work to achieve the following vision:

  • a healthy marine environment enjoyed by all
  • taking pride in an abundant and healthy marine environment where our community extends manaakitanga over our fisheries and oceans
  • unity and inclusion within the recreational fishing community
  • equity of access through stakeholder engagement
  • understanding and valuing our marine environment and its resources so we can all be responsible for a better future.

Our Fishing Future is committed to working with other sector interests to achieve our vision, and we endorse collaborative approaches to achieve enduring solutions for fisheries in New Zealand.  From snapper in the north to paua in the south, good fisheries management decisions need the engagement of all stakeholders.

We believe it is time to step up to stewardship.  We all share in our treasured fisheries resources and need to be part of the solution. We have a collective responsibility to manage and enhance our fisheries for future generations.

We are working to secure positive change for our shared fisheries, through education, awareness and engagement.

If you share our vision, please join us! (it’s free – really!)